Current Location:
Cabinet G -> Drawer 09 (G)
Location Notes:
PDC; Cabinet G; Drawer 09

Jane Ingylton Seynct Johns

Gift of Jane and Wally Ewing
Paper and Heelball
1970 – 1980
Artworks - Height: 47.5" Width: 30"
Paper and Heelball: White paper and black wax. Woman wearing a paris cap. A bible hangs by her feet from a belt. The latin inscription below refers to her as "Jana"
Historical Context:
Wax rubbing of the funerary brass of Jane Ingylton Seynct Johns (d. 1557). The original brass is located at St. Michael and All Saints church in Buckinghamshire, England. Jane inherited her father's manner when he died and became a ward to the king. She was married when she was 14 to a man who gained a reputation for “harassing the local clergy”, going so far as removing the windows and doors from the house of the priest on Jane’s land. When he died she remarried and when she died her first born son inherited her land, it is believed that he is the one who commissioned this brass commemorating her.