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Cabinet J -> Drawer 04 (J)
Location Notes:
PDC; Cabinet J; Drawer 04

Sir Roger de Trumpington II

Gift of Jane and Wally Ewing
Heelball and Paper
1970 – 1980
Artworks - Height: 79" Width: 30"
Heelball on Paper; White paper with black wax. Rubbing of British funerary brass. Chain mail covers his head. Large Shield at his side with a trumpet on it. A dog sits at his feet biting his sword.
Historical Context:
Wax rubbing of the funerary brass of Sir Roger de Trumpington II. The original brass is located in Trumpington Church, England. The original brass is thought to be one of the oldest brasses in England, dating from around 1320-1330. It is one of the few surviving pieces that depicts a knight in full chainmail. His head is resting on his helm and the chain hanging down from the side would have connected his helm back to his person so that it wouldn’t be lost in battle. The brass was originally attributed to Sir Roger de Trumpington (d. 1289), but it is now generally accepted that while it might have been made for Roger I it was reused to memorialize Roger II who died before his father. The evidence to support this are the crude carved lines that are unevenly spaced along the insignia of the sword, evidence of tampering to relabel the brass.