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Cabinet G -> Drawer 09 (G)
Location Notes:
PDC; Cabinet G; Drawer 09

Ralph Hamsterley

Gift of Jane and Wally Ewing
Paper and heelball
1970 – 1980
Artworks - Height: 39" Width: 22"
Paper and heelball; Black paper with silver wax. Skeleton in shroud with worms coming out. Unfinished Latin funerary inscription below. Bass rubbing of an English funerary effigy.
Historical Context:
Wax rubbing of the funerary brass of Ralph Hamsterley (d. 1518). The brass depicts him as a skeleton and worms in a shroud, a common motif meant to remind the viewer of their own mortality. The original brass was made around 1510 and the date of his death was left blank (it still is blank on the rubbing) to be filled in on his death. This is one of three brasses he had commissioned and placed in three different locations including in Oddington, Oxford and the Chapel of the University of Merton.