Current Location:
Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences -> 3rd Floor (CHS)
Location Notes:
CHS; 3rd Floor; Left of Room 333

Outsider Art ➔ Untitled

Henry A. Brown
GVSU Collection
Cut Paper Collage
Artworks - Height: 22" Width: 9.5"
Cut Paper Collage; The heads from "American Gothic" float in black above a headless figure wearing a jacket made out of images of Christ being crucified. Fish poke out of the lower edges of the frame.
Historical Context:
“My purpose is raising awareness of important social issues such as; institutional racism, danger to the environment, history of societal oppression toward descendants of slavery, and the impact of corporate greed. This is accomplished through the medium of collage art. Old books and magazine are recycled in the creation of the art. Fish, time and money are represented in each work of are. All we think about is time and money. Without fish (water), what good is time and money?” – Henry A. Brown