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Lake Huron Hall -> 1st Floor (LHH)
Location Notes:
LHH; 1st Floor; Right of Room 111

Outsider Art ➔ Another Strange Assortment of Oddities

Ericc "Etok" Tascott
Gift of the Artist
Acrylic on Wood Panel
Artworks - Height: 20" Width: 66"
Note: 20" H x 66" W
Acrylic on wood paneling; Three panels divided by black lines surrounded by an orange border. Left panel has pink mountains and a blue sky w/stars, a yellow and green ground, abstract shapes in the foreground. Middle panel is all abstract shapes in dark lines. Far left panel is a block of pink above a blue sky with yellow mountains and a green/ yellow ground, abstract shapes in the foreground.
Historical Context:
The term “outsider art” was first used in 1972 by art historian Roger Cardinal to describe art made by people outside of the mainstream art world. Outsider artists create art with uninhibited expression, without rules and taboo. Their artwork provides an invaluable insight into the world seen through their eyes and how they experience the community around them. Outsider artists work within different mediums, often using found or recycled items. Local Grand Rapids artist, Ericc “Etok” Tascote, uses his home as his studio where he creates countless objects as a way of making sense of the world around him. He has given himself the pseudonym, “Etok”, to be able to create without restraint.