Current Location:
Allendale Campus -> Ott Living Center
Location Notes:
OLC; 1st Floor; Lounge Rm. 101

Autumn in Germany

Tessa Joy Glashower
Print of Original Watercolor
Artworks - Height: 8.5" Width: 11"
Print of an oval shaped water color. Image has many buildings with green mountains and a variety of trees in both green and fall colors.
Historical Context:
"If I had never traveled, I would have never experienced riding with death-defying, crazy Italian taxi drivers, or using a bucket to 'shower' or getting sun poisoning in Amalfi, or getting lost in St. Lucia while being followed by chickens. I also would never have been able to experience floating down the river, watching the sunset over the St. Charles bridge in Prague, or getting pleasantly lost for hours exploring Venice, or hiking in Bavaria. Looking back on my travels, near and far from home, I see how each experience and place has influenced my imagination, character and humor. The more of the world I see, the more I appreciate not only each place I visit, but also the places that are closer to home. Traveling cultivates appreciation for people, experiences, different cultures and places not only far away, but near home as well. Traveling is a wholly unique and transformative luxury, in which one discovers the beauty, culture, and experiences that are specific to each place." - Tessa Joy Glashower

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