Current Location:
Daniel and Pamella DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health -> 2nd Floor (DCIH)
Location Notes:
DCIH; 2nd Floor; Inside Room 205 (Library); Right of Room 205B

"The First Time I Thought I Might Not Want It"

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Chehallis Robinson
Maria McKee
GVSU Collection
Mixed Media (Bronze, Coper, Gold Leaf, Fabric)
Artworks - Height: 16" Width: 5"
Necklace created from cast bronze hands, fingers attached separately. Gold leaf bronze bird cradled between the hands.
Historical Context:
This piece was a collaboration between GVSU students from Professor Renee Zettle-Sterling’s metalsmithing class and Professor Caitlin Horrocks’ creative writing class. Each metalsmithing student was asked to create a work of art in response to an original story written by a student in the creative writing class. The collaborations were on display as part of an exhibition titled “Desire.” For this necklace, Chehallis Robinson created a work of art based on a story written by Maria McKee about dealing with the effects of childhood sexual abuse. "My author was Maria McKee and while reading her nonfiction piece I was struck by her honest depiction of her struggle with her faith during a painful time in her life. Her work inspired me to create a piece that depicted this search for faith and acceptance while struggling to catch and contain something that is constantly trying to fly out of our grasp." - Chehallis Robinson "I cried and tried to pray, but I don't know if I ever believed that I'd get through to someone. It felt like I wasn't trying hard enough, like I couldn't compare to the outspoken cries and raised hands of gratitude that surrounded me. I cried because I needed someone to listen but felt like I wasn't good enough to be heard. I craved the moment people testify about, where God swoops in to save them, his voice breaking down the spiritual wall our demons build in our hearts and rupturing eardrums with the promise that death will be the best moment of our lives. Finally meeting the creator." - Excerpt from "The First Time I Thought I Might Not Want It, Written by Maria McKee