Current Location:
Pew Campus (Grand Rapids) -> Public Safety Office (WAT)
Location Notes:
WAT; Across from Room 121B

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Connor Gray
GVSU Collection
Ink Jet Photographic Print
Artworks - Height: 42" Width: 23"
Colored photographic print of a peer with lighthouse. Water is dark, sky is light with yellow oranges and pink clouds.
Historical Context:
"This series of work is a collection of composite images that I have photographed in various locations that depict a unique day to night landscape. As the sun is setting over the open landscapes, the stars begin to show, revealing the passage of time. I accomplished a high dynamic range between the sky and the landscape by photographing the landscape during daylight and then manipulating the original to add the night sky, giving the image a surreal tone. Each image required a considerable amount of time to complete; both in the field and in the post-production compositing. For some images I stayed on location for hours as they sky would change colors and the sun began to set, while other locations I would visit briefly and only capture a few images. The idea for this series came from what initially inspired me to pursue photography: high dynamic range images created from multiple captures. I was pursuing digital cinema at the time I began to discover these images, and I was fascinated by how they could show movement and capture an entire time-lapse in one photograph. With my work, I aimed to emulate from exploring those ideas and create images that showed the passage of time within beautiful places." - Connor Gray