Current Location:
The Seymour & Esther Padnos Hall of Science -> 2nd Floor (PAD)
Location Notes:
PAD; Across from Room 209; Above Bench

Europa and the Bull

Gavin Weir
Gift of Tim Strickler, GVSU Anatomy Professor
Ink, Charcoal and Conte Pencil
Artworks - Height: 39" Width: 26"
Note: Above dimensions are for the paper, image size is 30"h x 18"w.
Black and white drawing of a partially dissected bull in a garden like area with a bird fountain. Two men, back to back, in front of the hanging cow, man facing forward is holding a baby cow.
Historical Context:
"My inspiration for this drawing came from the story of Europa and the Bull from Greek mythology. The story involves Zeus, in the form of a bull, as he seduces Europa. Europa and Zeus eventually have a son named Minos. I altered the story by depicting Europa as a strong woman who took advantage of Zeus, in order to gain a son who is half god. After achieving what she desired she killed Zeus. I was inspired to give all of the characters in the drawing two heads after seeing the two headed calf in the plastination lab. The idea of two heads also suggests a dual personality: one that has good intentions to gain knowledge and sustain the natural world, and another that is self-serving and manipulative." - Gavin Weir