Current Location:
Allendale Campus -> Johnson Living Center
Location Notes:
JLC; 1st Floor; Lounge Rm. 101

Great Smoky Mountains

Elise Cameron
GVSU Art Collection
Digital Illustration
Artworks - Height: 24" Width: 15.5"
National park poster for the Great Smoky Mountains. Design includes various shades of blues and a yellow sun at the top.
Historical Context:
National Park Posters consists of a series of graphic illustrations printed in the form of posters that represent various United States National Parks and the decades in which they were established. This series highlights typography as well as a clean vector-graphic style of design. Research was conducted around popular typography and famous posters or designs in order to accurately reflect the decades in which each park displayed in the series was established. The typography on the posters has been customized for each poster and is reflective of the decade-research that was conducted. The imagery and graphics on the posters marry a love for illustration and design and are done in a cohesive style throughout the series. The differing styles of typography paired with the cohesive style of graphic and illustrative design, will make each poster feel unique yet cohesive as a body of work.