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Building D (MAK) -> 1st Floor - Building D (MAK)
Location Notes:
MAK; 1st fl., History Department D -1- 160, Left of Office D-1-161

Tibetan Monk Visitation to GVSU, 2004

Gift of Professor Yosay Wangdi
Photographs and Prayer Shawl
Photos of monks dressed in orange robes. Beneath the robes is a white fabric shawl.
Historical Context:
Tibetan Buddhism is the body of Buddhism religious doctrine practiced in Tibet and parts of the Himalayas. The ideal goal of Tibetan Buddhism is to achieve the enlightenment, or Buddhahood, in order to help others achieve this state. In Buddhahood, there is a sense of bliss, one is freed from all mental obscurities, and all limitations are removed so one is free to help others.