Current Location:
Daniel and Pamella DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health -> 5th Floor (DCIH)
Location Notes:
DCIH; 5th Floor; Right of Room 571

Dedicated to the Green Pepper & Staghorn Sumac Tree Seed #184007

Shilin Hora
GVSU Collection
Mixed Media (Thread, Botanical Tree and Culinary Seeds, and Litterfall)
Artworks - Height: 33.5" Width: 45.5" Depth: 4.5"
Custom built shadow box with plexiglass cover. Interior has a thread grid in which a variety of seeds are attached.
Historical Context:
Shilin Hora is a multidisciplinary American-Canadian visual artist and educator based in Chicago. She pokes, prods, bends, dissects, harvests and sorts materials found in the natural environment in order to build a unique work of art. Using aspects of installation, print making and sculpture, Hora creates “Seed Museums,” sculptural works reminiscent of natural history museum displays and 19th century Wardian cases used by botanists to import foreign plant species to Europe. Hora collects, dries, and arranges the seeds behind plexi-glass, emphasizing their unique inherent qualities. As an artist and in her personal life, Hora is committed to sustainability and utilizing repurposed and sustainable materials. She collects seeds anywhere from hiking trails, to trash bins at the park, to her own dinner table. Each Seed Museum reflects the relationships she has with a specific place through the types of seeds used, the images and patterns created by the seeds.