Current Location:
Lake Ontario Hall -> 2nd Floor (LOH)
Location Notes:
LOH; 2nd fl., Left of Rm. 245

The Cardinal

Laurie Zimmerman Mann
GVSU Collection
Mixed Media on Wood Panel
Multi-colored with feathers,plant life, wind stars and bowls.
Historical Context:
"This piece contains a lot of emotion regarding my transition as a Northerner in Southern culture. Despite the fact that I lived in Arizona for four years, I had quite a culture shock when moving to Tennessee. It was a different south than I had experienced in the Southwest. During my only winter in the Southeast, I was in awe of the shear number of birds that had temporarily relocated to the area; the swarm of birds in the air at sunset were unbelievable. This piece was inspired by the migration of birds and the beautiful death of one bird in particular. I was mesmerized by their ability to fly in such great number without crashing into each other and plummeting to their deaths. Then one afternoon, while driving down a country road, a cardinal flew directly into my windshield. It was an explosion of scarlet feathers. The feathers were back-lit by the sun, and glowed like a stained glass window. Despite the tragedy, it was shockingly beautiful." -Laurie Zimmerman Mann