Current Location:
Daniel and Pamella DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health -> 5th Floor (DCIH)
Location Notes:
DCIH; 5th Floor; Across from Room 510

Moroccan Ceramic Bowl

Artist Unknown
circa 2018
Artworks -
Ceramic bowl with a small base and string for hanging on the back. Sides and lip are a bright blue. Blue continues on the front in an "etched" out pattern on the front.
Historical Context:
This ceramic platter was purchased at Art Naji, a Moroccan ceramic market in the city of Fez. The business has been passed down between father and son for many years, keeping the art of the ancient craft of pottery and mosaics since 1930. The artistic tradition of Moroccan ceramic art represents the same distinctive synthesis of cultural heritages that make up Morocco, highlighting influences from Persia, France, Egypt and other regional areas. It is often defined by its use of bright colors and complex geometric designs. The city of Fez is particularly known for its blue pottery, known by locals as fakhari, named for the family who has operated the Art Naji market for generations.