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Shelf W2 (OS) -> Box 359
Location Notes:
IDC; Open Shelving; Section W; Shelf W2; Box 359

Qand-dawn (Sugar Bowl)

Gift of Jim and Virgina Goode
Artworks - Height: 4" Width: 3"
Metal container with a lid. Sides of the container have decorative patterns. Lid is a slightly different colored metal. Small knob on top. Some scale like decorative patterns etched into the metal.
Historical Context:
Many Iranians drink their tea with chunks of sugar called qand. Traditionally, this sugar came from a large cone which was painstakingly cut into tiny pieces with a small metal hatchet. This metal sugar bowl held those pieces of sugar. Sometimes tea drinkers would prefer nogle, pieces of hard candy of various types. These could also be served in a qand-dawn. For many years this qand-dawn was used by a family from Tuyserkan before they gave it to the donors at the end of their Peace Corps service in 1971.