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JHZ; Zumberge Lobby Display Case

Lebanon Olla (Water Jug)

Lebanese Artisan
Gift of Jim and Virgina Goode
Unglazed and low fire ceramic
Artworks - Height: 11" Width: 6" Depth: 6"
Ceramic jug like vessel with a thinner top than its wider middle and a handle that connects the two. No decorative markings on the outside and unglazed. Top “spout” area has an interior “lid” with small holes in it.
Historical Context:
These clay vessels are inexpensive and traditionally used for cooling drinking water. As they have been fired at a low temperature and not glazed, they are somewhat porous and water evaporates from them thus cooling what remains. In addition to being used in homes, they can also be found along the narrow lanes in cities and villages, placed there for use of thirsty passersby. They are gradually going out of use as refrigeration becomes more widespread in the region.