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Wall Galleries -> Eberhard Center Gallery (GVSU PEW Campus)
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West Wall Gallery (Eberhard Center, PEW Campus)

Rebumbio de Calaveras (Racket of Skulls)

Reproduction of a Restrike Print
Artworks - Height: 6" Width: 9"
The title, Rebumbio de Calaveras means "Racket of Skulls". There is one image in black and white and without a border. Three skeleton stand behind an alter of sorts holding up papers and they have crosses etched into their foreheads. To either side of the alter there are tables that have crosses on the tablecloths and each with a vendor selling things, on the left it's skulls and on the right it's paper. There are three people in the center wearing common people clothing and holding around the papers are almost dancing around.