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Nothing is Wrong Here

Sarah Ellis
GVSU Collection
Oil on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 12" Width: 24"
Note: Above dimensions are for the artwork only. Was purchased with frame: 13.5"h x 25"w
Painting of green army men toys on a school desk.
Historical Context:
“Nothing Is Wrong Here” was created as part of my B.F.A. 2018 final show for Aquinas College and part of a collection of works focused on bringing awareness to the challenges in education and to advocate for change, as well as to advocate for an increase in funding and respect for the profession. The representation of plastic army men in the series has layers of meaning. A simple child’s toy, the fear of guns in our schools, and the imbalance of funding to our military verses education. As a public educator for 12 years, and still currently employed as such, I am continually surprised and disheartened at the negative impact legislation and lack of funding has had on our schools. I ask viewers to think for themselves. What do these images mean to you? What can we do to further communication on this subject and how can we create safe and equitable education for all?