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JHZ; 3rd Floor; Rm. 3000

castle danger

Steven Sorman
Gift of Ann and David Keister
Lithograph with woodcut, silk aquatint, powdered pigment and collage on Japanese paper
An abstract lithograph piece with shapes in tones of blues, greens and reds. It is divided into areas with the center most being blue swirls and the left and right are swirls of green with red at the ends
Historical Context:
Steven Sorman was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1948. Internationally known as a painter and printmaker, Sorman earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Minnesota in 1971. Art critic and curator Mason Riddle noted the subtle evolution and reinvention of Sorman as he wrote, “Where some artists make a career out of bold stylistic shifts, Sorman excels in a consistency of artistic practice. With the eye of a connoisseur, he discriminately borrows formal elements from the aesthetic trove of his past to create a more visually compelling present. His creative slate is never wiped clean, only refined. Nor does one ever sense that a mark has been made, a form envisioned, or a process explored just ‘to try something new.’ While a new spirit is often evident, it is one that is confident with the past.” Sorman was the GVSU Stuart B. Padnos Chair from 2007 - 2011.