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Location Notes:
Russel H. Kirkhof Gallery as part of the exhibition "Valid and Valued"

Disorder: Obsession

Manuel Diaz
GVSU Collection
Archival Digital Color Photograph
Artworks - Height: 22" Width: 17"
Colored photograph of a person kneeling down arranging a set of glass pieces. The image is blurred/ repeated to show a sense of movement.
Historical Context:
Manuel Diaz’s series, “Disorder,” explores the levels of mental health that can be found in different individuals. The photographs are his visual interpretation of mental health issues based on research and personal accounts of those who have to deal with these disorders on a daily basis, including people in his own life. On his project Diaz states, “This work came about because of a realization that several of my friends are afflicted with some degree of one, or several, mental health issues and my lack of understanding of the subject and how to approach it. Through this series, my goal is to bring awareness to mental health issues as well as bring empathy towards those who suffer from them, in an effort to better inform the public about how important and prevalent mental health is in our society, particularly because it is a taboo topic and is hidden by those who suffer from it.”