Current Location:
Allendale Campus -> Calder Art Center
Location Notes:
CAC; First floor; main office

The Coniferous Forest

Linnea Songer
GVSU Collections
Print, Pen, Watercolor, Gold Foil
Artworks - Height: 30 in Width: 20 in
Historical Context:
"Michigan is blessed with incredible natural beauty and resources. Vast diverse forests, sprawling sand dunes, and wetlands teeming with life all span across Michigan. Each environment plays their part in sustaining the life and health of those of those that live in it, including humans. But we have been poor stewards of the land that we live and rely on. We once revered the environment and it's resources, but with the growing presence of industry and technology, nature has fallen to being valued only as a commodity. As something to be bought, sold, and exploited without regard to sustainability and preservation of habitats. My work exalts nature to the high position it once held; as a powerful, life giving force. By invoking the familiar figure of Mother Earth as a personification of nature, I strive to humanize these disconnected worlds. Sanctifying her with a golden halo, I elevate nature away from a commodity to be exploited unchecked to a diverse entity, to be revered and sustained. By provoking curiosity the viewer is driven to search for what is hidden. The detailed environments growing on each goddess figure implores for a closer look. to realize that there is always more than meets the eye, and that even the small things hold their own importance. Perhaps the next time you find yourself outside take a moment to look a little closer, stare a little longer; find the beautiful moments worth protecting. Delight in the discovery." - Linnea Songer