Current Location:
Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall -> 1st Floor (FINK)
Location Notes:
Fink; 1st Floor; Across from Room 106C

Tree Water

Sara Carte
GVSU Collections
Archival Inkjet Print on Canvas Paper
Artworks - Height: 22 in Width: 17 in
Historical Context:
"I invite you to view these images, to let go for a moment, slow down, take a deep breath, soak in the color, and appreciate what beauty the world has to offer us. The images presented here are created as a recreation of the sacred Buddhist symbol of an Ensō. The Ensō has multiple meanings of being Zen on one with yourself. The symbol also symbolizes aspects of: strength, elegance, the universe, single mindedness, the artist's state of mind at the moment of creation, the acceptance of imperfection as perfect, and the oneness of life. Each image is an Ensō that I have hand painted in the darkroom. By painting my own Ensō, I have allowed myself to enter a Zen state with no stress. As you view each image as its own, let your mind set free, dismiss your worries, breathe, and allow yourself to enter a Zen state." - Sara Carte