Current Location:
Shelf H7 (CS1) -> Box 66
Location Notes:
IDC; Compressed Shelving Unit 1; Section H; Shelf H7; Box 66

Braille Vessel

Justin Nienhuis
GVSU Collection
Artworks - Height: 3" Width: 5" Depth: 5"
Round copper vessel with small areas punched our of one side creating texture on an otherwise smooth exterior.
Historical Context:
"As artists, we continuously question what we are doing in the moment of creation. Creativity is prompted through the posing and seeking of answers to questions, not through divine inspiration. Making entails creating with purposeful actions that are controlled and intentional. It is through this process that the work presented has taken form. I questions the possibility. I pose a question, "If I can....," and work until I have an answer that is simple or as complicated as the work itself. Each questions is a challenege to myself, adding depth and complexity of inspiration. Making raised vessels with the repetitive pounding is meditative. Vessels have various uses but I find the act of holding and touching the form one that offers quiet contemplation and reflection. My hands move around the surface feeling every inch of texture and imperfection, While holding the form, I ask myself if I have the capability for creating something new to burst the bubble of comfort and simplicity with a new question. With each strike of the hammer against the metal on the stake...a new form is shaped."