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Man Planting A Tree

Rick Beerhorst
GVSU Collection
Oil on Board
Artworks - Height: 18 in Width: 16 in
Note: Above dimensions include frame
Oil painting of a man holding a shovel in the dirt, preparing to dig a hole for a tree that is sitting on the lawn next to him. Brick wall and house behind him.
Historical Context:
"When we bought our first house, we were excited to have a place to not only call our own but we loved having a place where we could finally put down roots. My father always advised me to “bloom where you’re planted” and I took that to heart. The man planting his tree speaks of many things including delayed gratification, the importance to stay connected to the natural world and as a reference to the mythic call for man to "tend the garden." It takes an apple tree at least 4 years to begin bearing [fruit], our Bartlett pear trees took nine years and only really got going the year we moved to Brooklyn. We must patiently and with tenacity wait for good things to arrive in our lives." - Rick Beerhorst