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Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall -> 1st Floor (FINK)
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FINK; 1st Floor; Hallway across from Storage Room 113

Outsider Art ➔ Triple Self Portrait

Rick Beerhorst
GVSU Collection
Oil on Board
Artworks - Height: 40.5 in Width: 23 in
Note: Above dimensions include the frame.
Oil painting image of a man (the artist) sitting in a chair, looking in a mirror while painting his own portrait. Framed inside an elaborate decorative wooden frame.
Historical Context:
"The frame, which is easily a 100+ years old, came first and was a gift from an antique dealer friend. I wanted to make a self portrait that told more of a story and some how spoke of the creative nest that my artworks spring from. My super cozy carriage house studio. The painting in the back ground (a painting with in a painting, actually there are multiple paintings in there!) is a family portrait done while we were living for a year in Brooklyn NY. (The family portrait is based on a familiar X-tian icon motif.) The artist showing himself at work is itself a familiar troupe used by many painters through out history and one I have used once more after this particular painting." - Rick Beerhorst