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Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall -> 2nd Floor (FINK)
Location Notes:
FINK; 2nd Floor; Hallway between Rooms 230 and 222

Cut Tendon Due to Cerebral Palsy

Ted Meyer
GVSU Collection
Mono-print with Gouache Details
2009 – 2018
Artworks - Height: 4.5 in Width: 17 in
Blue and green print image created from a scar.
Historical Context:
Ted Meyer has made art using the body as a starting point since he was a child. Meyer, who has Gaucher's disease, turned to art to help him get through long hospital stays and to express the distress he felt from the constant pain of his disease. When medical advances offered Meyer respite from his condition, he kept making art but was unsure of the direction to take. A chance meeting with a woman who had suffered a spinal cord injury led to his new direction: the Scarred for Life project. The project--which has now been ongoing for nearly two decades--comprises monoprints pulled from scars, photographs of the subject's body with the area of the scar still ink-covered, and a story of the trauma that caused the scar