Student Response:
Originally posted June 1, 2020 on the 'Student Perspectives on the Art Collection' blog. "This work of art was created by a kindergarten student at the Coit Creative Arts Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is how the student imagines the germs on her hands to look. I vividly remember posters in my elementary school bathroom that gave illustrated instructions on how to wash the germs off my hands. Now, I am reliving those years of being taught how to wash my hands thoroughly as the USA continues to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. This kindergartener’s creative depiction of a germ resembles the COVID-19 illustrations I see all over the media today and I wonder how the pandemic has and will continue to impact kids. Both my parents work in k-12 public education and as stay at home orders were put in place I immediately heard about the feared negative impact it would have on children and teens mental and educational well being. Abigail Gewirtz, a child psychologist and professor at the University of Minnesota, provides insight on how parents and caregivers can provide support and understanding of COVID-19 for children and teens in an NPR podcast "Loss, Grief, Stress: How The Pandemic is Affecting Kids. Gewirtz along with many other mental health researchers are sharing what is known about childhood trauma from crisis and tragedy however a world pandemic is uncharted territory." - Megan Daniels, Studio Art major, Public & Nonprofit Administration minor, GVSU Class of 2023
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Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall -> 3rd Floor (FINK)
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FINK; 3rd Floor; Hallway Right of Room 343 (CSD Child Lab)

The Germ on My Hand

Evangelina F.
GVSU Collection
Crayon and Watercolor
Artworks - Height: 12 in Width: 12 in
Child's drawing with green, blue and purple paint.
Historical Context:
This work of art was created by a kindergarten student at the Cost Creative Arts Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The academy offers an art-based curriculum that integrates creative expression, movement, and music with academic excellence. The school is located in the heart of the city in the historic Belknap neighborhood.