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Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall -> 4th Floor (FINK)
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FINK; 4th Floor; Hallway to the right of Room 443

Belknap Park Construction

Courtesy of The City of Grand Rapids Archives
Photograph (Reproduction)
August 26 1931
Artworks - Height: 8 in Width: 10 in
Black and white photograph of two trucks surrounded by men working on the side of a hill.
Historical Context:
The area which forms the Belknap Lookout Neighborhood was purchased from the government in 1831 by Charles Dexter. In 1850 the area was included in the original organization of the city of Grand Rapids. In its early days the area was significant for several reasons. First, the neighborhood contained the city's first cemetery. More importantly, the neighborhood contained a spring known as an excellent supply of drinking water. Shortly after the spring's discovery, water pipelines were built connecting the water supply to downtown Grand Rapids through Michigan, Lyon and Monroe Streets.