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IDC; Compressed Shelving Unit 1; Section G; Shelf G10; Box 196a (g, h), Box 196b (a-d)

Phases of the Moon

Sheryl Budnik
Gift of Sheryl Budnik
Beeswax figures
Artworks -
Historical Context:
Sheryl Budnik's first wax figures were shown at the Kohler Art Center in 1975. The figures are commercially made dolls charted, hair and all, with unrefined beeswax. "Beeswax in art has been used since Byzantine times. I love the feel and smell of beeswax, this natural substance that bees vomit to encapsulate honey and keep it separate from hive dross. Wax veils the original face and body of my painted found doll, erasing specific but surfacing past memories and creating new disguises. The new figure is unpremeditated and intuitively happens. The face under the veil of wax and the new pose strike a chord with means are part of the process of creating the new personality. I add synthetic hair, jewelry and toys to the figure that bring out this new personality and play with our culture. With this baggage and new attitude, a Power Figure 'gets her street on,' she's having fun, she is empowered. Maybe she thinks she's Tina Turner and she just ripped through a marketing session..." SB