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DEV; Building C; 2nd Floor; In Suite 202C; Across from 206C

Market Scene, Cape Coast, Ghana

Acrylic on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 24.75 in Width: 35.5 in
Historical Context:
This painting was originally presented to Padnos International Center on October 10 2017, by Dr. Joseph Ghartey-Ampiah, Chancellor, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. It was purchased from Cape Coast Castle, a local market. Cape Coast is a fishing port and the capital of the Cape Coast Metropolitan District and Central Region of Ghana. The area was first founded by the people of Oguaa and is one of the most historical cities in Ghana. Older traditional names of the city include "Oguaa" and "Kotokuraba" meaning "River of Crabs" or "Village of Crabs."

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