Current Location:
Lake Huron Hall -> 2nd Floor (LHH)
Location Notes:
LHH; 2nd Floor; Right of Room 277

"Two Male Saints" Reproduction of Early Medieval Greek Icon

Gift of Fred and Helen Jo Brenner
Paint on wood
circa 1980
Artworks - Height: 11 in Width: 9 in
Historical Context:
An icon, coming from the Ancient Greek word meaning “to like,” or “to appear” is a work of art, most commonly a painting, that is used as a sacred image in religious devotion and ceremonies. The icons are works of art that transcend their physical materials and hold deep religious symbolism. Every detail, from the position of the hands to the color of the clothing eludes to the individual or story being told. Special manuals, called “hermeneia,” outline the rules the iconographer or artist must strictly observe when creating these types of images.