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IDC; Compressed Shelving Unit 1; Section B; Shelf 9; Box 298

Outsider Art ➔ Daybreak

Deb Dieppa
Gift of Sheryl Budnik
Pastel on paper
Artworks - Height: 14 in Width: 11 in
Historical Context:
"Many of us are plagued with sleeping problems, fear of the dark, nightmares, apprehension about having our space invaded. These are problems derived from the reality of our childhood, from incidents in which we were not able to keep ourselves safe and were subject to invasion or frightening treatment. When I have difficult nights in which I feel as unsafe as I felt as a child, it helps me to detach a little and realize I am in a flashback. My unconscious mind often delivers its messages and memories in sleep through dreams. If I am not ready right away to deal with them, then I can let them roll by, and they will come up to give me another chance in the future. When they frighten me and I feel in limbo with the dark, I hold to the thought that this to shall pass. At daybreak I receive hope. I watch the dawn and am grateful for a new day. I need only face what is in today. I allow my hope to soar with the rising light of day. Quote: 'Through a difficult night I grapple with ghosts, knowing with certainty that day-break always comes.' " - Debra Dieppa

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Outsider artists
Pastel drawing