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Section 56 (VS) -> Bottom Shelf (VS56)
Location Notes:
IDC; Vertical Storage; Section 56; Bottom Shelf

Aboriginal Art Collection ➔ 'Warumpi Tula' - Woman Digging for Honey Ant

Acrylic on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 50.5 in Width: 33.1 in
Three circles lined up diagonally. Brown, white, and tan lines made of dots make up the background and border.
Historical Context:
Warumpi Tula is the aboriginal term for an important honey ant dreaming. There is a group of hills nearby Papunya that resemble the head, body, and abdomen of the honey ant. The dreaming states that this is where the honey ant ancestor laid down to rest after a long journey in the dreamtime. There is also an abundance of honey ant nests in the area, the three concentric circles represent the places that women dig for honey ant. The background dotting is the spinifex and sandhill country typical of the area. The dotting effect around the perimeter of the painting is the spinifex blowing in the wind.