Current Location:
Hoobler Living Center -> 2nd Floor (Hoobler)
Location Notes:
Hoobler; 2nd Floor; Lounge 200; East Wall

Aboriginal Art Collection ➔ 'Kunateytja' Mens Ceremony

Acrylic on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 40 in Width: 50.25 in
Green, yellow, grey, and pink horizontal wavy lines. 5 black and white wavy lines connecting red circles with white rings inside.
Historical Context:
This painting depicts elements of a 'corroboree,' an Australian Aboriginal dance ceremony that often includes images drawn on the ground and with body paint on the participating men. The designs represent dreams from a place called Tjikari that concern a snake and witchery grub. The concentric circles are the men's body paint, and the stippled background effects are ground designs made from a type of native cotton called 'wamulu' which is mixed with leaves and ochre's. This dreaming is for men of the Jungerai and Japaltjari skingroups only and contains sacred-secret information.