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Student Services Building -> 1st Floor (STU)
Location Notes:
STU; 1st Floor; End of hallway near Room 104A

Aboriginal Art Collection ➔ Woman Gathering Bush Tucker - 'Yalka'

Acrylic on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 24 in Width: 36 in
three circles connected by wavy lined diagonal across canvas. a circle above and below.
Historical Context:
This painting represents women of the Napaltjari and Naparrulla skingroups gathering Yalke, a wild onion, in their homelands near Central Mt. Wedge (Kurrinyarra). The concentric circles represent home camps at Kurrinyarra and the curved lines are the woman traveling between camps. The "U" shapes are the Napaltjari and Napurrulla women and the ovals are their coolamons, a wooden dish used to collect the bush onion. The strong background colors represent rich vegetation and plentiful bush foods, the result of recent rain in the area, making it a good time to collect bush tucker.