Current Location:
Student Services Building -> 1st Floor (STU)
Location Notes:
Student Services Building; First Floor D100A; Inside room D101 on left wall.

Aboriginal Art Collection ➔ Water Dreaming Near Mt Wedge

Acrylic on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 36 in Width: 24 in
Four circles in a column in the middle and two on the right side. A wavy line on each side and a double wavy line connecting the center circles. Splotches of green, grey, brown, white, and yellow cover the rest of the canvas.
Historical Context:
The four concentric circles through the center of the painting represent watermen dance sites near Central Mt. Wedge. The curving lines between them are the travels of the watermen, represented with "U" shapes. The watermen travel to each site where they perform ceremonies to invoke the rain. The curvy lines with dashes represents the wind, rain, and lightning of the storm front moving across the land. The two concentric circles linked by the curving line are waterholes with the running water between them, which has been brought on by the storm invoked by the watermen.