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Aboriginal Art Collection ➔ 'Magungi' Water Dreaming

Acrylic on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 36 in Width: 30.25 in
Three circles along top connected by wavy lines, 2 wavy lines coming down from each circle and a single one between each. Brown, red, pink, peach, and yellow splotches in the background
Historical Context:
'Magungi' is a rain making site near Mt. Denison to the west of Yuendumu. There are many waterholes in the surrounding hills which forms a catchment area which supplies many creeks and rivers with water during rain. This painting depicts these waterholes in the Makungi area, represented by the concentric circles. The meandering lines between the concentric circles and along the length of the painting indicate running water flowing through the normally dry creeks and rivers and the dashes along these lines are wind, rain, and lightning.