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IDC; Vertical Storage; Section 56; Bottom Shelf

Aboriginal Art Collection ➔ Witchetty Grub Gathering Story

Acrylic on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 34.5 in Width: 51.5 in
Three Black circles across center length and width. black U shapes open towards the circles and they are all surrounded by white dots. the top and bottom are covered in brown dots with splotches of yellow dots. the two sides have radiating blue and yellow arches opening towards the center.
Historical Context:
This Painting depicts many women digging for the Witchetty grub, a vital part of the desert aboriginals food chain. The concentric circles represent places these women know the Witchetty grub to be abundant. The women (U shapes) probe the earth surrounding the Witchetty bush with their digging sticks, listening for a hollow sounding root system, which will contain the highly nutritious grub. The roots are then dug up and the grubs collected in coolamons (a wooden food dish represented here by the oval shapes). The stylized diagrams radiating from the center of the painting to the corners are the Witchetty grub inside the root system of the Witchetty bush. The background dotting is the spinifex and sandhill country typical of the Papunya area.