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Aboriginal Art Collection ➔ Storm Passing Through Homelands

Acrylic on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 50.75 in Width: 32.5 in
Four wavy multicolored lines in the center with three circles dispersed in a line across the middle between the lines. Blue, yellow, pink, brown and green splotches made of dots cover the rest of the space
Historical Context:
The three concentric circles represent important places called Kalipinpa, Eppa and Tjikari in the heart of the Warlpiri tribal land. At each of these places there are water holes which the aboriginal people rely on during dry times. This painting tells the story of a big storm passing through this area, rejuvenating the land and filling the waterholes. The wavy dotted lines represent the cloud mass moving across the land. The groups of three dashes are the wind, rain, and lightening of the storm. The colorful dotted background indicates new growth and new life the storm has given the land and happiness that it brings to the people.