Current Location:
Lake Ontario Hall -> 1st Floor (LOH)
Location Notes:
LOH; 1st Floor; Room 163; West Wall on Left

Aboriginal Art Collection ➔ Spider

Acrylic on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 24 in Width: 20 in
Reddish-brown Background. Black concentric rings in the center surrounded by blue, pink, black, and green splotches that are made of dots
Historical Context:
This painting tells the story of the Barking Spider dreaming. Rather than building a web, the Barking Spider lives in a hole in the ground. The large concentric circle represents this hole, which Don refers to as the spiders home. Don Jungerai is a senior custodian of the Barking Spider and its associated stories and songs of which he has an intimate knowledge. He will pass this on to the next generation of men entitled, by initiation and skingroup, to the Barking Spider dreaming.

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Terms:
Australian Aboriginal
acrylic paintings