Current Location:
Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall -> 1st Floor (FINK)
Location Notes:
FINK; 1st Flr; Across from Room 122

Arrangement IV

Elaine Dalcher
Gift of the Artist and Spouse, Cathy Marashi
Water Based Monotype on Paper
Artworks - Height: 15 in Width: 11 in
A colorful and diverse assortment of flowers are depicted in a glass vase.
Historical Context:
"In my paintings, I focus on authentic subjects from my immediate surroundings, concentrating particularly on nature and the landscape, the interior and the still life. Once I have achieved this level of familiarity, I translate the composition onto a canvas that has been undercoated with a ground – sometimes a traditional raw umber or earth green, but more commonly a lively, but toned down color: dark red, deep orange, yellow ochre, blue violet or yellow green. My palette is bright and vivid, a collection of colors, complements, values and intensities that ranges across the spectrum. I start with the main subject and work outward to the edges of the canvas. Following this, I rework the image until I am satisfied." - Elaine Dalcher

Library of Congress Subjects:
Flowers in art