Current Location:
Student Services Building -> 3rd Floor (STU)
Location Notes:
STU; 3rd floor; con rm 306

Summer Rock Collection

Megan Stone
GVSU Collection
Acrylic on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 4 ft Width: 4 ft
Black vertical lines run along the center of the painting crossing over each other against a blue background and a variety of colorful pebbles.
Historical Context:
"My work explores the relationships between irregular and structural forms that I engage with in my surroundings. Through constant play in the studio with a wide range of tools such as scrapers, stencils, and brushes, the marks in each painting have a role in the image. An image that glows with neon or feels unfamiliar and recognizable at the same time. Sometimes a simple mark can feel like the heavy weight of a large object or dance across the image, weaving in and out. Other marks are rebuilt over and over until they are intricate enough to convey the qualities of a form that the painting asks for. With the focus of creating something new, surprises are essential and the work transforms into the unexpected through many layers of paint and play." - Megan Gurisko

Library of Congress Subjects:
Art, Abstract