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Daniel and Pamella DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health -> 5th Floor (DCIH)
Location Notes:
DCIH; 5th Floor; Across from Room 572

Large Corn

Molly Neptune Parker
GVSU Collection
Woven Ash and Sweetgrass
Artworks - Height: 17.5 in Width: 3 in Depth: 3 in
A basket woven into the shape of a yellow ear of corn. The cover to the basket is the husk of the corn.
Historical Context:
The matriarch of four generations of Passamaquoddy basket-weavers, Molly Neptune Parker began weaving baskets at a young age, using the scraps of ash wood that fell to the floor as her mother worked. Today, Parker leads efforts to share this tradition with young people, encouraging the continuance of this art form for generations to come. "Basketmaking for me is about innovation and creativity within the context of a traditional art form. The functionality, the materials, and the shapes have been a legacy for each generation. I honor that legacy and believe I have a responsibility to continue it, basing it always on our traditions and knowledge of literally thousands of years. Basketmaking is an art that I believe I was born to do, much as my ancestors have done for thousands of years." - Molly Neptune Parker