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Location Notes:
MEC; 2nd fl., Main Hall, near Office Suite 225


Jo Hormuth
GVSU Collection
Wool, Felt, Resin
1999 – 2003
Artworks -
Note: size range from 12" x 12" to 36" x 36"
Six giant pinkish off-white Pansies.
Historical Context:
"The Pansies installation is dependent upon its honest and straight forward construction. The flower forms are created by dissecting a pansy and pressing the petals. The flat petals are then scaled up through projection and patterns are drawn. Sets of patterns are made based on the approximate width of each form. The various "petals" are formed by blocking the damp felt over a sand form. each piece is then laminated with four or more layers of felt and two layers of fiberglass (The connecting tabs receive extra glass for added strength.) The "petals" are laminated with white pigmented clear epoxy so that they have a soft white translucency. The physical form and title become active players. The work is informed by a series of word plays inherent in the title. The word pansy is taken from the French "pensee", meaning thought. It is also related to the Latin term "pensare", to ponder. There is at least one important literary connection -– Shakespeare often used pansies to signify thoughts. I am interested in the relationship between the obvious construction of the pansies and their etymological link to thought and the construction of meaning. They are not so much actual representations of flowers as they are manifestations of the concept of the flower – specifically the pansy. White suggests a reference to paper waiting to be filled. These pansies are formed from a flat abstraction in 2-D (paper, conceptual) to 3-D form (thought, actuality). White is quiet and not distracting. It suggests lightness and simplicity. The whiteness is an event the viewer can project onto."