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Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall -> 2nd Floor (FINK)
Location Notes:
FINK; 2nd Floor; Suite 204; Across From Front Desk

Outsider Art ➔ Neighborhood Circle

Rick Beerhorst
GVSU Collection
Woodblock Print
Artworks - Height: 15 in Width: 11.25 in
A house is in the center of a circle, one half is blue and the other is grey. The house is reflected onto each half of the circle.
Historical Context:
"I have been making woodblock prints for 25 years. I while back I began to add bits of ephemera, photos, old letters and book pages to my prints. As I print on these scrapes from the past I allow happy accidents to come from a loosely guided randomness. Working this way has effectively opened the door to a whole new way of thinking about printmaking. Now these iconic images carved into wood have discovered a way to travel back in time so that I can begin to understand what came before me and up until now was not only out of reach but hidden." -Rick Beerhorst