Current Location:
Building C (DEV) -> 2nd Floor (DEV; C)
Location Notes:
DEV; 2nd floor, across 243C

Autumn Sky

Linoleum Relief Print
Artworks - Height: 12 in Width: 30 in
A wildlife scene depicted with geometric shapes. Animals, such as birds, cats, deer, and rabbits, wander the autumn forest.
Historical Context:
"I have been an artist all my life and am now doing printmaking full-time. Most works are woodcut and linoleum relief, collographs, collages, dry point and monoprints. I also try experimenting with new kinds of printing that incorporate new and more than one style at a time. I consider myself a "green artist, using water based non-toxic products. Subject matter changes with each print but tends to encompass nature and wildlife and prints that make me smile" -Ruth Egnater.