Student Response:
Since 2009 the GVSU Art Gallery, with generous support from Larry and Elaine Rutowski Shay, has hosted the Composition Competition, inviting student composers to anonymously submit a 1-minute composition based on a work of art in the Gallery for the GV New Music Ensemble, directed by GVSU Professor Bill Ryan, which is then performed by the Ensemble and evaluated by a panel of guest judges, as well as the audience. The recording above is the 2nd place winner from 2018 composed by Tim Lester and performed by the GVSU New Music Ensemble.
Current Location:
Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall -> 4th Floor (FINK)
Location Notes:
FINK; 4th Floor; Right of Conference Room 400 (left as you exit elevator)

Birds Fly, Butterflies Die

Herbert Murrie
Gift of Herbert and Lisa Murrie
Enamel Alkyd, Mixed Media Collage, Polymer Resin on Wood Panel
Artworks - Height: 60 in Width: 39 in
Abstract grays, whites, and blacks, with a few spots of yellow and orange. Use the arrow buttons below the image to listen to a music composition based on the artwork performed by the GVSU New Music Ensemble, see 'Student Response' field below for details.
Historical Context:
This piece was a part of Herbert Murrie’s exhibition “Chance,” which showed in Asciano, Sienna. Murrie is reported stating that he wanted “to send a message of positivity, let us know that a possibility exists even in times of political, economic, and social crisis. The composition between different shapes, colors, textures, proportions, and harmonies becomes an abstract system similar to that of music. Leave that to happen, rather than following a plan, and it may be more authentic, richer, more alive.”