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Section B (HHLC) -> 2nd Floor (HHLC-B)
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HHLC; 2nd Floor; Laundry

The Power of the Sun in the Palm of My Hand

Sherilynn Helmer
GVSU Collection
Print (Micro pen on watercolor paper)
Artworks - Height: 24 in Width: 19 in
A large robot figure leans over a tiny town, shining light through a magnifying glass in its hand.
Historical Context:
"I admire writers who are able to build worlds for their readers to get lost in. Stories and characters so solid and relatable that you are able to believe in them, engage in them. Stories are complex things. I wish to accomplish the same depth with my illustrations. The ideas for the subjects of each of the drawings are found within inspiring experiences I have had in my own life. Each pattern and image placed on the page creates a new facet of the story and a world is created within the page, leading the viewer to see beyond it. The subject matter is always fantastical. Real life can be experienced all around is, but art introduces us to a different set of possibilities where the reality pictured doesn't have to be our own." -Lynn Helmer