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IDC; 333 Michigan Speed Pack F

Enharmonic Piece

Stephen Schousen
Gift of Ann and Tom Logan
Intaglio & Monotype Print on Paper
Artworks;Frames - Height: 23.5 in;36 in Width: 19 in;31 in
Bowl of plants and a fruit of some kind near an arched doorway. Black and white.
Historical Context:
Local Grand Rapids artist Stephen Schousen chooses to focus on intaglio printmaking and graphite drawings, two forms of media that allow him to develop depth, textures, and tones using a variety of tools and techniques. On his work he states, “I [am] intrigued with the idea of combining a variety of representational fragments which when juxtaposed with abstract textures and tonal areas, hint at a narrative that remains unexplained or at least open to multiple interpretation. Ironically, I am consciously involved with this narrative only as the image nears resolution… From there, the image develops in two directions. Abstract shapes, textures and tones suggested in the initial image are explored and developed using a variety of intaglio processes. At the same time, successful or compelling fragments of representational form, from the initial drawing, are developed and at times repeated."