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AWRI; 1st Floor, Briefing Room 113

“Jack Pine“ by Tom Thompson

GVSU Collection
Poster reproduction of 1917 oil on canvas painting
Artworks - Height: 9.5 in Width: 12 in
A single pine tree on a lakeshore with mountains or hills in the background.
Historical Context:
"Tom Thomson's landscape paintings in oil created an enduring image of the Ontario North. His art both reflected and reinforced developing Canadian nationalism. Although he was associated with the Group of Seven, he was not a member. By late 1915, Thomson's approach to landscape painting was more imagination-based. He often sought some natural feature corresponding to his pre-existing ideas, or painted landscapes in his Toronto studio from memory." -National Gallery of Canada. This piece was purchased at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection Gallery.

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oil painting
oil paintings
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